Colorado Flyfishing Stillwaters

Colorado flyfishing stillwaters are also for their large fish. Trout are the more poular quarry but you may find interest in large mouth bass and pike. Grab your float tube and join us at one of Colorado's premier stillwaters.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Spinney is THE place for big fish while fly fishing in Colorado stillwaters. In the spring and fall you can find big fish cruising the shallows of this scenic reservoir.

Near the town of South Park, Spinney is very crowded on opening day every year but it is a big reservoir and their is plenty of space.

Spring and Fall are the best time of year to fish this stillwater. If you want to try midsummer plan on going deep if you want to hook up. Bring plenty of chironomids, leaches, and damsels.

Antero Reservoir

Located near Spinney, Antero Reservoir can offer some great stillwater action. Some years are better than others but most years are very good.

Similiar to Spinney, bring plenty of chironomids, leeches, and Damsels. If you want to focus on reservoirs during your fly fishing in Colorado trip, fish Spinney and Antero. The drive between them is not far.

Taylor Reservoir

Located near Almont, this stillwater holds a strong population of rainbow trout and lake trout. Again, spring and fall are best for flyfishing.

This is also a great place to target pike lurking around weed beds in the spring. If you are after the pike, bring a heavy rod and fish big streamers on a steel leader. This is a great place to go fly fishing in Colorado.

Delaney Butte

This is a favorite for trophy brown trout. The spring and fall are best here also. This reservoir is used by the Colorado Fish and Game for their brown trout brood stock.

If your trip ever coincides with the DOW annual fall egg collection you will see what I mean by trophy brown trout. This is one of the best stillwaters for fly fishing in Colorado and provides you with the opportunity to catch big browns. Bring your biggest, ugliest stillwater patterns.

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