Campfire Recipes

Use our tasty campfire recipes to satisfy the taste buds on your next outing. We have open fire recipes and one pot cooking ideas. When you choose your food for camping consider simple tasty recipes. There is nothing like a hearty meal after a long day exploring the outdoors.

One Pot Meals

If space and weight are an issue consider one pot meals. Your pot is basically your kitchen and has multiple uses. It works as a sink, frying pan, and water purification system.

Noodles- Noodles are an easy one pot meal. You can do spagetti, ramen, chinese, or anything you can muster up. Cook the noodles first then add some sauce

Soup- Soup is a simple one pot meal that does not require much preperation. Bring a few cans and add any ingredients that you enjoy. I usually throw in extra onions, garlic and hot sauce.

Stew- Stew is my favorite hearty meal on camping trips. This one of the easy camping meals that can serve a group of people. Throw in whatever you like and cook it on an open flame until it is hot and ready. I like a combination of beef, onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic, celery, broth, hot sauce and salt.

Outdoor Grilling Recipes

These campfire cooking recipes are sure to satisfy the tastebuds and are easy to put together.

Burgers- You can cook them on a barbeque or over the fire. Add your favorite cheese and toppings.

Steaks- Who doesn't like a good steak. Throw it in your favorite marinade and leave it in the ice chest for a day. Cook it on the bbq or over the campfire. A good rub can also add flavor but I prefer garlic salt.

Bacon and Eggs- This is the the ultimate breakfast and is easy to cook. I save the grease to add to dinner.

Outdoor Grilling Recipes

Everything listed above is simple and easy to cook but we decided to throw in a few extras.

Potatoes- They are an all time favorite and are incredibly easy to cook. Chop a potatoe and put it in tin foil with onions, garlic, butter, and salt. Wrap the foil securely around the micture and thrown it on some hot coals from your campfire. Leave it on for 20 minutes before checking the progress. This is a one of the easiest and most delicous campfire recipes.

Dehydrated Meals- We prefer these on backpacking trips but they are good and easy. The advantage of dehydrated meals is the lightweight and convenience. All you need is hot water for most of these and they are pretty tasty considering. If you choose these meals carry some salt, pepper, and hot sauce for extra flavor.

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