Camping Tips

Camping is an inexpensive family vacation and our camping tips will help you have a fun outdoor experience. The joy of camping is a favorite national pasttime in many countries and for some it is a way of life. On average we spend over 100 days a year living in tents and trailers and we hope you will gain useful information from our experience.

Camping Tips & Outdoor Safety Tips

Camping safety is an important part of having fun in the outdoors. Be safe and help prevent forest fires.

Campfires- are a major danger and should be used with caution. Try to only use establised campfire pits and be sure they are dug out plenty deep. Check the fire danger and restrictions with the local Forest Service or BLM field office. Clear the ground area around the fire pit and stack firewood at a safe distance. Do not pour lighter fluid or gasoline on the fire while it is burning and douse the fire with water when you finish burning.

Staying Warm- A cold night is never fun but if you are prepared staying warm is easy. Your sleeping pad and sleeping bag should keep you warm but it is a good idea to pack a lightweigh sleeping bag liner. Fleece is our material of choice and it will come in handy when the temperature drops lower than expected. If the liner is not enough wear some extra clothes to bed.

Batteries- Cameras are the most common frustration but anything with a battery will lose some charge after a night in the cold. To keep your batteries alive put them in your tent. If it is really cold we will stuff them in the sleeping bag.

Camp Coffee- A hot cup of coffee is a morning favorite around camp. We put eggshells in with the grounds to give the coffee extra flavor. This may be our favorite of the camping tips.

Camping Heaters- Camping heaters are a great alternative to a campfire. They mount on a propane tank and keep you plenty warm. Do not use these inside of tents as the gas output can cause death.

Sunglasses- Sunglasses will save your eyes some straining and discomfort. When sno is present they are mandatory to prevent snowblindness.

Organizing Gear- Keep your gear organized by seperating it into plastic storage bins. This will reduce the clutter and make everything easily accessible.

Food Storage- Store your food in bearproof containers where necessary. Never store food in the tent. I usually keep my food in the car or I hang it in a tree. When you are in a National Park the bears can be a problem and special guidelines must be followed.

Entertainment- Passing the time with fun activities is an important part of camping. Bring along a deck of cards, crobbage board and crossword or sudoku puzzles.

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