Colorado Flyfishing Lakes

Colorado flyfishing lakes are so abundant that we had to create an extra page with more of our favorite fisheries! Enjoy this addition to the adventure team's favorite flyfishing lakes.

Reservoir More of our Favorites

Pueblo Reservoir

This is not a place to visit for remote settings and beautiful mountain scenery but if you want to catch a fish with saltwater fighting power and not shell out the cash for a trip to the Bahamas come try your hand at the wipers. This hybrid is sure to test your drag and give a run to remember.

Steamboat Lake

Besides being located near one of our favorite towns Steamboat Lake is a top notch fishery.

It is also convenient that the Yampa River is close enough to make this a stillwater and river trip. The trout here are aggressive and best targeted in the spring and fall.

Crosho Reservoir

Have you dreamed of going to Alaska and catching Grayling all day on dries. Well, we advise taking that trip but in the mean time there is Crosho Lake.

This is a great trip to take if you want to try for some exotic fish. They are aggressive and readily take dry flies.

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