More Colorado Flyfishing Rivers

Many of the lesser known Colorado flyfishing rivers offer chances at trophy trout with less pressure than the well known waters. There are many rivers in Colorado worth exploring and this list will be growing over time. If you have a hunch or hear rumor of a great river minus the hype be adventurous and give it a try. If you cannot decide where to begin, this list should point you in the right direction.

Colorado Flyfishing Rivers

Lake Fork of the Gunnison

lake fork runThe Lake Fork is a nice hidden hot spot. Pressure is low here because it is tucked in the San Juan Mountains between Gunnison and Creede. Most people stay on the Gunnison and Rio Grande Rivers limiting the pressure on the Lake Fork. This river runs through canyons and alongside ranches in an incredibly scenic area. The river is divided into two sections by the second biggest natural lake in Colorado, Lake San Cristobal. Above the lake you will find a large population of small rainbows with the occasional larger fish. The upper section is more like a small stream although there are some deep holes. Below Lake San Cristobal the river gets bigger as it moves toward Lake City. A good portion of the River before the town is private. North of town the river runs trough a few private ranches before it becomes public. The river runs alongside highway 149 where it receives the most pressure but also holds some of the biggest fish in the river. The river leaves the road and winds it's way through a canyon where you can find big browns in deep green pools. Colorado Brown Trout This is definitely a favorite. North of the canyon it continues to run through ranches where the best access points are off the blue mesa cutoff. This dirt road will give you access to improved water as well as Sapinero Canyon. The canyon has some really deep water and really big fish before it enters Blue Mesa Reservoir. This is one great Colorado Flyfishing Rivers.

The Conejos

Not too far from the Lake Fork and often overshadowed by the Rio Grande this freestone stone stream holds some trophy brown trout. For some fantastic small stream action the headwaters in the South San Juan Wilderness Area is the place to be. For the bigger fish the area below Platoro Reservoir has some great stretches of water with deep holes and undercut banks before it enters the canyon. The canyon area has deep green holes and some of the best fishing in the river. After the canyon the river is largely private with the exception of a few stretches. We recommend the canyon for the best fishing on this river. If the Conejos is off check one of its tributaries, Elk Creek. This creek holds some nice fish all over but it is the headwaters where the cutthroat loving angler will find heaven.

The Piedra River

The Piedra is one of our favorite little rivers for adventure. Most of the river lies in wilderness and areas that require some difficult hiking. The fish are not huge here but they are wild and untouched deep in the canyons of the river system. Located near Pagosa Springs you can find nice accomodations for weekend trips. We recommend bringing a pack and tent to really access some remote sections of the river. The harder you hike the better chance of having a huge chunk of river to yourself.

Crystal River

WhitefishIt is easy to overlook the Crystal because it is located near the Roaring Fork and the Frying Pan. The trout on the Crystal usually are not as large as on the other nearby rivers but they will put a bend in your rod when everything else is slow. There is also a good population of Mountain Whitefish in the Crystal. The whitefish are native game fish and are very fun to catch on a fly rod. This an awesome Colorado flyfishing river.

Cevolla Creek

Cevolla FallThis is a nice little stream with the occasional big surprise. Cevolla Creek has everything from beaver ponds to steep grade canyons. The upper stretches have the highest concentrations of trout living in beaver ponds and in the stream. Access is easy from the Powderhorn dirt road and simple attractors usually do the trick.

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