Curecanti National Recreation Area

The Curecanti National Recreation Area is managed by the US national parks service and provides extensive recreational opportunities. This area has three reservoirs, including Blue Mesa Reservoir, the largest in the state and Morrow Point Reservoir which makes the transition into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.


The recreational area is located near Gunnison CO and joins the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. This area has great Colorado scenery and is a hotspot for Colorado tourism but it is large and the crowds always seem minimal.


Blue Mesa Reservoir is a giant body of water that offers boating, kayaking, and fishing opportunities. It holds the state record for lake trout and is the best kokanee salmon fishery in the state.

Morrow Point Reservoir offers a unique remote reservoir experience and requires that you pack in all of your gear. Morrow Point is a great place for an overnight kayaking experiences. The National Park Service also offers a great boat tour on the reservoir.

Crystal Reservoir is a cross between a lake and river boating experience. The water is moving and can be difficult to navigate

Best Curecanti Hiking Trails

The Dillon Pinnacles is a 4 mile hike with views of Blue Mesa Reservoir and the high peaks of the San Juan Mountains. This is our favorite scenic hike in this area. Curecanti Creek is a steep 4 mile hike that leads to Morrow Point Reservoir. Look for the big granite needle.


Curecanti has some of the best Colorado rv parks and campgrounds. We like the Elk Creek and Lake Fork Campgrounds for prime access to the entire area.


This massive recreation area has strong populations of elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, black bears, mountain lions and a variety of other critters.

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