Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is a scenic trip through time with an exciting look at the earth during the dinosaur age. This is one of the more intersting Colorado National Parks, especially for kids and the paleontology buffs.


Dinosaur National Park is located on the Utah-Colorado border in a beautiful desert landscape.


Dinosaur offers a variety of backcountry hiking opportunities. The Jones Hole Trail is our favorite route to the Green River and has some nice waterfalls and pools to get your feet wet along the way.


Rafting on the Yampa and Green Rivers is a great way to explore the Dinosaur area. Both rivers have exciting rapids as they move through scenic canyons that hold dinosaur fossils in the bedrock.


Outside of the park consider stopping in Vernal, UT to visit some of the museums. They are educational and the in depth view of dinosaurs is very interesting.

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