Sawatch Range 14ers

The Sawatch Range 14ers are located in an area with an abundance of public lands. There are 15 total peaks located in the area of Leadville and Salida.

Mount Elbert

Elevation- 14,433'

Elbert is worth climbing simply because it is the highest in the state at 14,433'. It is also right next to Mt. Massive making it a great place for a multiple summit trip. Elbert is located near the historic town of Leadville where there are multiple recreation opportunties so bring a bike or a rod to make the most of your time here!

Mount Massive

Elevation- 14,421'

Located near Mount Elbert, take the Halfmoon Creek Rd. to the trailhead. This is not the most difficult of Sawatch Range 14ers but the views are stunning.

Mount Harvard

Elevation- 14,420'

Take CR 365 to the North Cottonwood Creek Trailhead. This is a 4wd road when wet. This is a great hike for the experienced and the beginner.

La Plata Peak

Elevation- 14,336'

Take Colorado 82 (Independence Pass) or access from CR 390 (4wd recommended).

Mount Antero

Elevation- 14,269'

Located near Mount Princeton and Mount Shavano and can be accessed by Colorado 162. Plenty of camping options and not a technical climb.

Mount Shavano

Elevation- 14,229'

Near the town of Salida take FS Rd. 252 or CR 240 to access the trail. This is a moderate climb.

Mount Princeton

Elevation- 14,197'

Use CR 292 to access the Mount Princeton Trailhead. This is a moderate and beautiful hike.

Mount Belford

Elevation- 14,197'

Access from CR 390 for this moderate hike.

Mount Yale

Elevation- 14,196'

Near Buena Vista use CR 306 for this moderate hike.

Tabeguache Mountain

Elevation- 14,155'

Near Salida use CR 240 for this moderate and beautiful hike.

Mount Oxford

Elevation- 14,153'

Access from CR 390 to Missouri Gulch for this moderate hike.

Mount Columbia

Elevation- 14,073'

Access at the North Cottonwood Creek Trailhead for this moderate hike.

Missouri Mountain

Elevation- 14,067'

Access from Missouri Gulch for this moderate hike.

Mount of the Holy Cross

Elevation- 14,005'

Access the Half Moon Trailhead from Tigiwon Rd. This is a moderate hike.

Huron Peak

Elevation- 14,003'

She's barely a Fourteener but definitely beautiful. Access at the Winfild Trailhead for this moderate hike.

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